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The Trial of the Centuries
Michael Dixon – Sunday June 2, 2024
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Series Passage: Luke 6

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Q&A and Discussion (no life groups today)

Spend 1 – 2 minutes in silence before you begin each question.

  • What is the Purpose of a Trial to you?
  • From the Video on Satan’s Story, what sticks out?
  • God’s Justice is balanced and part of His Love and Mercy…  What does this look like in practice?
  • A Friend says they cannot trust a God who allows or even causes bad things to happen to innocent people- What do you say to them?
  • Bonus Question… Why did God Create Hell? We don’t focus on trying to get people to avoid Hell, but to join God’s Kingdom, but what do you share with someone with Questions about Hell?

Life Groups (from 05/26/2024)

Welcome (5-10 minutes)

Worship (optional for Sunday breakout sessions)

Word – Discussion Questions (if there are no specific questions use the default questions):

Spend 1 – 2 minutes in silence before you begin each question.

  • How does Jesus’ self-image compare with that of other leaders we admire?
  • What ways of “doing church” aren’t producing disciples or community?
  • What progress are you making with our Life Church Training Plan?
  • How are you progressing at making your life group fully functional?

Witness (check out the Witness section resources below):

How we work together as a team to be “good news” to the people around us.

  • Have your missing members been called or visited this past week?
  • How can you help your life group leaders build up your group this week?
  • Is there someone that you need to talk to about Jesus this week?

Additional Life Group Meeting Components:

  • Reflection – Include a brief time (e.g. 2 minutes) for quiet reflection sometime during your meeting. Potential times for this are:
    • Just before reviewing the questions during the Word portion of the meeting.
    • Just before prayer during the Witness portion of the meeting.
    • Just after prayer during the Witness portion of the meeting.

Immediately after this reflection time, members may want to write down any thoughts or impressions that come to them and anything that they feel the Lord is saying to them or to anyone else. Encourage the members to consider how they might incorporate more reflection in their daily, weekly, and monthly routines.

  • Life Group Housekeeping (do this once a month or more often if needed)
    • Be familiar with our life group goals.
    • Review our connection tools: e-Life & the life group email list
      • Does everyone know how to use them?
      • Is everyone’s information up to date?
      • Is everyone receiving email from the life group email list?
    • Is anyone not showing up for Sunday service or life group meetings? If so, who has been in touch with them?
    • How will the group onboard the next visitor?

Word Section Default Questions

(Use these when there are no specific discussion questions for the passage:

  • Question 1: “What is this passage saying?”
  • Question 2: “What is God saying to you through this passage?”
  • Question 3: “How can you apply this passage throughout the week?”

Taken from:

Witness Section Resources:

How we work together as a team to be “good news” to the people around us.

Life Groups

Life groups are the basic environment in which discipleship will take place. A life group is a group of 3 – 15 believers who come together weekly outside of the church building for evangelism, community, and spiritual growth with the goal of making disciples who make disciples.

Without life groups, we are at the mercy of cliques and people who aren’t in a clique will “fall through the cracks”. Furthermore, even the people who are in cliques will have some of their issues and needs “fall through the cracks”. This is because life groups are organized to please, and be led by the Holy Spirit, whereas cliques develop solely around whatever the people in the cliques find appealing. Life groups are organized to help you grow and overcome your “issues”; cliques simply aren’t! Becoming part of a life group is a major way that we “seek first God’s Kingdom and his righteousness”.

Check out our Life Group Pages for more life group information and resources.

Five Thresholds

Because the Five Thresholds approach to relational evangelism helps us to pay careful attention to the people that the Lord brings our way, it is an excellent way to meet people “where they are”. We want to prayerfully help them move through each threshold and become followers of Jesus. At any given stage, we may be planting a seed or watering a seed that we or someone else has planted. At each stage, we should see ourselves, together with other believers, as a hospital for sick and wounded people.

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