Ondrea Anesia Johnston


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Ondrea Anesia Johnston, Bio 

Life Group Leader
(currently on leave)

Ondrea Johnston is the proud Head of School for the newly merged BCLA-McCormack, 7-12 Pilot School.

Ondrea has worked in public education for over 18 years, working in Boston Public Schools for 16 of those years. She has held various roles in the district consisting of middle and high school math teacher, Math Program Director at BLA, Assistant Head of School at BLA,  BPS Assistant Director for K-12 Mathematics, and more recently Assistant Principal at the Timilty Middle School.

As a BPS leader, Ondrea has facilitated a social justice in mathematics course for BPS educators and facilitated workshops with a social justice theme at the BPS Teacher Summer Institute and BPS EL Summer Symposium. She has also facilitated such workshops at the DESE Middle Grades Math Institute and presented her work at the DESE Leading with Access and Equity Convening. Furthermore, she has led workshops to instruct teachers for curriculum implementation in mathematics while a member of the BPS Math Office.  Currently, she is supporting BPS educators as they work towards completion of the PAL for principal/assistant principal licensure through the BPS PAL Support Program.

Ondrea holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education from Vanderbilt University. She holds a Master of Liberal Arts in Mathematics from Harvard University and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Administration from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

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