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Questions During the Word Portion of the Life Group Meeting

We use questions to promote discussion during the “Word” portion of our life group meetings.

Here are some excellent default questions:

What is the Best Small Group Lesson? (Three Questions that Will Help Revitalize Your Cell Group) – YouTube (00:5:15)

  • Question 1: “What is this passage saying?”
  • Question 2: “What is God saying to me through this passage?”
  • Question 3: “How can  I apply this passage throughout the week?”

Questions For People In Threshold 1: Trust

We teach life groups to pursue relational evangelism. The life groups members help to develop their relational evangelism skills during the “Witness” section of the life group meeting and then they make use of those skills to do outreach both in their individual relationships and in outreach activities that they conduct as a team. Our approach to relational evangelism is based on the 5 Thresholds concept developed by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF):

Past Questions From Our Life Group Meetings

Here are some questions that have been used during the “Word” portion of our life group meetings:

  • What has your past experience with Christians been like?. What has been positive and negative?
  • Where do you go when you need safe space to deal with things you’re going through? Do you have enough people in your life who know you well and with whom you can share deeply.
  • Do you tend to take responsibility for nurturing the relationships in your life, or do you leave that to others?
  • What was your family life like when you were growing up? Have you any new relationships that have become like family to you?
  • How frequently do you need to connect with people in order to feel comfortable sharing transparently with them? How frequently do you think other people need to connect with you to feel comfortable sharing transparently with you?
  • In the past, if you’ve ever explored spirituality, were you able to get your questions answered? Are there questions that you have now about Jesus, church, or any other religion?

Potential Topical Questions


  • How did your family celebrate Christmas as you were growing up?
  • How has your view of Christmas changed over the years?
  • What kinds of feelings does Christmas or this holiday season stir up for you?
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