Following Jesus: Focus On The Message



This web page supports “Focus On The Message” – the first component of our “Following Jesus” discipleship program.


Follow this link for information about these key aspects of our training: Purpose, Goals, Habits, Ministries, and Assignments.


This course is divided into several units each of which has multiple lessons. The first unit is an introduction to the Bible and then the next five units cover the Gospel of Matthew partitioned according to the divisions that appear in the text at Matthew 7:28; 11:1; 13:53; 19:1; and 26:1 – typically with the phrase “When Jesus had finished . . .” or “After Jesus had finished . . .”.

Unit 1: Introduction to the Bible

Unit 2: Matthew 1 – 4

Unit 3: Matthew 5 – 10

Unit 4: Matthew 11 – 13

Unit 5: Matthew 14 – 18

Unit 6: Matthew 19 – 25 (under construction)

Unit 7: Matthew 26 – 28 (coming soon)

Resource Lists (for your convenience)

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