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This page lists some of the counseling / therapeutic resources that our members may wish to consider.


The pastoral staff at Life Church provide traditional pastoral care but, from time to time, members may also benefit from seeing a licensed counselor or a licensed therapist. The resources that appear here were added because they were recommended to us by people we trust. Nevertheless, we are not providing a blanket endorsement of these resources for public use. These resources are intended for our members and we are asking them to abide by the following guidelines in using them:
  • Please let the pastoral staff know if you have questions about how to choose one of these resources.
  • Please keep the pastoral staff informed about your experiences with using these resources.

This allows us to “prune” this page by recognizing those resources that are helpful and removing resources that our members do not find helpful.


  • Ashmont Counseling (617-282-6700 – Christian counseling available)
    • Ashmont Counseling Associates, LLC (ACA) was founded by Martin  Pierre, Ph.D. and Dennis Tyrell, Ph.D. to provide culturally sensitive treatment to individuals, families and organizations.  With over twenty five  years of collective experience, Drs Pierre and Tyrell have worked diligently to provide services in communities that have traditionally been underserved.
  • Boston University Danielsen Institute, (617-353-3047)
    • They service clergy and congregations.
  • Dr. Marshaun Glover (
    • Dr. Glover is a licensed psychologist in Boston, Massachusetts with over 11 years experience working and studying in the field of mental health. He uses strategies that focus on changes to the beliefs that contribute to the challenges we face. Dr. Glover uses cognitive-behavioral therapy in a structured and dynamic way that welcomes feedback about how people are experiencing the process of healing. Although his phone number is available on his web site, email is the best way to reach him.
  • New LIfe Counseling and Wellness Center (781-986-4800)
    • We are a multicultural organization that promotes the well-being of individuals, children, youths and families through high quality mental health and social services that are culturally competent such as counseling, support groups, advocacy, and education.
  • Trinity Boston Counseling Center (617-849-9809 – video therapy available)
    • Trinity Boston Counseling Center (TBCC) provides mental health and wellness services to youth workers essential to the health and wellness of youth of color in Boston.
  • Tyre, Khalilah Imani – (617-575-9084 –

Specialized Topics



  • Fathers’ Uplift – Fathers’ Uplift is the country’s first mental health and substance abuse treatment facility for fathers and families. Fathers’ UpLift provides mental health counseling, coaching, and advocacy to assist fathers with overcoming barriers (racism, emotional, traumatic, and addiction-based barriers) that prevent them from remaining engaged in their children’s lives.


Sinful behavior has the potential to disrupt your relationship with your Christian family. Jesus teaches that, when this happens, that relationship needs to be restored to health (Matthew 18:15-20). This will often take place when you simply apologize and demonstrate your commitment to change – especially if the behavior is comparatively minor and/or not broadly known. There are other times however when a more formal process is called for. Here are some resources related to the restoration process:

Spiritual Warfare


  • Can We Talk? – Can we talk gives participants an opportunity to gather in community to share stories, thoughts, and feelings about whatever you are going through. 
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