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Description and Purpose

This web page supports “Face Your Problems” – the fourth component of our “Following Jesus” discipleship program. Here you will learn how in Christ you can face your problems and overcome them and how to teach others to do the same. Helping to train other believers is the best way for you to ensure your own spiritual growth.


The material in this component of Following Jesus depends on key material from Following Jesus: Focus On The Message, including:

  • Habits and Ministries
  • Assignments
  • The Bible


Follow this link for information about our training’s: purpose, goals, habits, ministries, and assignments.

How To Face and Overcome Your Problems

This component focuses on how to face and overcome your problems. Our Following Jesus: Focus On The Message component was based on working our way through the Gospel of Matthew. For our Following Jesus: Face Your Problems component we will work our way through . . .


Here are some appropriate passages:

Lessons (under construction)

Lesson 1: The Apostles’ Teaching

Main text and related passages:

Topics to explore in discussion:

    • The backstory to the Gospel.
    • The women in Jesus’ genealogy.

Additional resources to check out:

Assignment for training your crew (using this material to bring others to spiritual maturity):

    • Read the main passage and related passages above.
    • Watch the “Yahweh Saves” video from the Tim Mackie series on Matthew above.
    • Discussion Questions:
      • What does this chapter say about who Jesus is?
      • How does this chapter compare with what you’ve believed about Jesus in the past?
      • How does this chapter compare with what you believe about Jesus now?


    • Make a list of the people in your sphere of influence (i.e. people you connect with at least once a week) who aren’t followers of Jesus.
    • Begin praying for them regularly.

Resource Lists (for your convenience)

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