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Life Church Boston is a Christian congregation located in Boston, Massachusetts. We are dedicated to expanding God’s kingdom through discipleship, cell ministry (small groups), and relational evangelism. We are a ministry of Life Church Ministries, Inc., which is itself affiliated with Church Without Walls International. Life Church Ministries serves as fiscal conduit for Life Church Boston.

Church Without Walls International
Church Without Walls International is a ministry association that supports churches across the United States, and ordains and licenses pastors and ministers.Bishop G. A. Thompson leads this organization and provides oversight for its member pastors.

Our History

Life Church began as a vision that God formed in the hearts of Pastors Rocklyn and Eva Clarke as they served in Christian ministry between 1979 and 2003. The vision developed slowly and there were even long seasons during which it lay dormant.

By 2003 Rocklyn and Eva were serving as pastors on the staff of New Covenant Christian Church, Mattapan, MA (now Jubilee Christian Church). In the fall of that year, as a result of a staff reduction, Rocklyn faced a major decision about his future career. It was during this time that he began to sense a renewed desire to launch a church that would focus on intimate fellowship and discipleship. God would confirm that desire a few weeks later during New Covenant’s annual Covenant Convention.

It was during the Thursday (October 2, 2003) afternoon worship service of the Covenant Convention that Prophet Todd Hall spoke a powerful prophetic word regarding Rocklyn’s life. Rocklyn and Eva recognized this as God’s confirmation of their vision and Bishop Gideon Thompson and Pastor Yvonne Thompson of New Covenant gave their approval to the launching of Life Church. On Sunday, October 26, Bishop and Pastor Thompson and the rest of the New Covenant pastoral staff laid hands on Rocklyn and Eva to commission them in launching the new ministry.

On Sunday November 2, 2003 Life Church conducted its first worship service with 26 adults and 8 children in attendance.


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