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Hi Life Church! Doing the Bible is the first of our Core Values at Life Church and in order to do the Bible we have to learn the Bible. This page contains some Bible resources (including reading plans) that we recommend. We especially want to call your attention to our Life Church 2018 Bible Reading Project. Join us as we read the Bible together!

Bible Versions

We strongly recommend that you read or listen to the Bible in a modern word for word translation such as one of the following:

For this Bible reading project, do not use the King James Version (KJV) since it uses outdated English that will get in the way of your understanding of the text. We also do not recommend using paraphrase, or idiomatic versions such (The Message, The Living Bible, etc.) since these make it harder to directly engage the words from the original languages. We do not recommend using the Amplified Bible since it can give the misleading impression that all of the potential meanings of various Biblical words are actually intended at any given point at which that word appears. Finally, you should never use the New World Translation by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (The Jehovah’s Witnesses). Here are some resources to help you better understand your Bible:

The Bible Project

The Bible Project is an amazing resource that includes a dozens of excellently produced videos and study guides that will greatly enhance your understanding of the Bible. The site also includes a 1 year Bible reading plan that you can download.

The Bible Experience

Inspired by…The Bible Experience is an audio version of the Bible published by Zondervan. The script used is the Today’s New International Version (TNIV) Bible translation. The re-enactment was performed by a cast of more than 200 African-American actors, singers, musicians, poets, personalities, and clergy, including 3 Oscar winners, 5 Golden Globe winners, 7 Emmy winners, and 23 Grammy winners. Members of this cast include Blair Underwood as Jesus, Samuel L. Jackson and Paul Adefarasin as God, Kirk Franklin as Simon Peter, Angela Bassett, Dule Hill, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Denzel Washington and Pauletta Washington in the Song of Songs, LL Cool J as Samson, Eartha Kitt as the Serpent, Bishop T.D. Jakes as Abraham, and Bishop Eddie L. Long as Joel. The original music score was composed by Grammy award-winning producers and performed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

More Bible Resources

The One Year Bible Online

This Bible reading plan is the online version of the One Year Bibles available in print in various versions (NV, ESV, etc.). From this web site you can do your Bible reading on the standard plan (January 1 – December 31) or you can create a plan with a start date of your own choice. You can even order the One Year Bible in print!

Bible Gateway

Other Resources

Life Church Bible Reading Project

For 2019 Life Church will continue making use of the Bible Project’s 1 year Bible reading plan, while following it at a slower pace. We will take a month to cover each week of the Read Scripture Reading Plan. Here is how we’ll proceed:

Preparation Material

Bible Readings by Month

January 2018 – March 2021: Archive

See the Bible Reading Project Archive for previous months, and see the Learn The Bible Video Archive – YouTube for the related Bible Project videos.

April 2021 (Bible Project Plan Week 40)

Life Church Learn The Bible Week 14 3/28/2021 – 4/3/2021
Life Church Learn The Bible Week 15 4/4/2021 – 4/10/2021
Life Church Learn The Bible Week 16 4/11/2021 – 4/17/2021
Life Church Learn The Bible Week 17 4/18/2021 – 4/24/2021
Life Church Learn The Bible Week 18 4/25/2021 – 5/1/2021

May 2021 (Bible Project Plan Week 41)

Life Church Learn The Bible Week 19 5/2/2021 – 5/8/2021
Life Church Learn The Bible Week 20 5/9/2021 – 5/15/2021
Life Church Learn The Bible Week 21 5/16/2021 – 5/22/2021
Life Church Learn The Bible Week 22 5/23/2021 – 5/29/2021

June 2021 (Bible Project Plan Week 42)

Life Church Learn The Bible Week 23 5/30/2021 – 6/5/2021
Life Church Learn The Bible Week 24 6/6/2021 – 6/12/2021
Life Church Learn The Bible Week 25 6/13/2021 – 6/19/2021
Life Church Learn The Bible Week 26 6/20/2021 – 6/26/2021

July 2021 (Bible Project Plan Week 43)

Life Church Learn The Bible Week 27 6/27/2021 – 7/3/2021
Life Church Learn The Bible Week 28 7/4/2021 – 7/10/2021
Life Church Learn The Bible Week 29 7/11/2021 – 7/17/2021
Life Church Learn The Bible Week 29 7/18/2021 – 7/25/2021

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