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Last Updated on February 3, 2023 by Rocklyn Clarke

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Please make sure you have used this Good News material to personally win someone to Christ before you use it to train others!

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Got Questions is a limited-duration class that we plan to offer for people who have basic questions about Jesus, the Church, and Christianity. It is still under development. It will be patterned after Alpha, but will also draw on the “Why I Don’t Go” work done by the Jude3 Project. Stay tuned . . .

Checkout the following:

Topics to explore in discussion:

  • Think about the unchurched people you know. What questions do they have about Jesus, the Church, and Christianity?


  • Keep track of the questions that people ask you about your life in Christ.

Lesson 1: Question 1

Under Construction

Lesson 2: Question 2

Under Construction

Lesson 3: Question 3

Under Construction

Lesson 4: Question 4

Under Construction

Lesson 5: Question 5

Under Construction

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