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This web page and the ones it links to support our Following Jesus class. Following Jesus is a core component of our discipleship effort which is designed to enable you to:

  1. Follow Jesus.
  2. Join his family.
  3. Change your life.
  4. Change the world.

We follow Jesus in order to be like him. We join his family by living in community with others who follow Jesus. We then allow God the Father to position us wherever he pleases so that we can become extensions of Jesus – bringing freedom, healing, and blessing to the people around us.


Follow this link for information about these key aspects of our training: Purpose, Goals, Habits, Ministries, and Assignments.

Discipleship Components

Our discipleship training has the following components:


This introduction will prepare you for the following 7 phases or core components of our discipleship training track:

Focus On the Message

Begin by focusing on Jesus’ message and the Bible’s unified story that leads to him.

The following components are still under development:

Family Up

Develop the understanding and discipline you will need to be an effective part of Jesus’ family (draft).

Flow in the Spirit

Jesus is present in his church through his Spirit. Learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit in every area of your life.

Face Your Problems

In Christ you can face your problems and overcome them!

Farm Your Land

Learn how to function fruitfully wherever God has placed you.

Find Your Purpose

Discover the ways that God wants to use you.

Fulfill Your Mission

Accomplish the things that God want to do through you.

These phases have a significant amount of overlap, so they are not completely consecutive. That notwithstanding, each phase builds on the one that precedes it.

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