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About e-Life

Login to your e-Life account using the form above or at this link.

Sign up for an e-Life account using the form above or at this link.

e-Life is our online community for our members to:

  • Look up member phone, e-mail, and other information,
  • Review their giving records,
  • View ministry related articles,
  • Register with their life groups, and
  • Participate in group and ministry online discussions

If you’ve donated to us in the past, you have already been entered into e-Life, but you won’t be able to view your giving or other information unless you register yourself. Please make sure that you are registered in e-Life and that your information is up to date!

Our e-Life system is hosted by PushPay / Church Community Builder.


Our e-Life system allows us to set up groups that reflect the groups, teams, and ministries at Life Church. We have a number of groups in the system including (as you might expect):

  • Children’s Church
  • Leadership Team
  • Life Groups
  • Married Couples
  • Worship Team
  • Young Adults

We have several additional groups that exist purely for administrative purposes. Groups in e-Life have the following components:

  • group leader (one per group)
  • group assistants (options, but groups can have more than one)
  • group members

For most groups, group leaders and assistants are authorized to update the group calendar, take attendance, and send messages on behalf of the group.

Adding Events To The Calendar

It’s very important that our various church activities appear in the Life Church calendar. If you’re sponsoring an event, here are the steps you need to take to add your event to the calendar in e-Life:

  1. Login to e-Life.
  2. Click on the group for which you want to add an event (e.g. “Married Couples Fellowship”,”Young Adult Ministry”, “Children’s Church”, etc.) which should appear under “My Groups” on the right of the screen after you login.
  3. Click on the “Calendar” tab to view the calendar – it should display the current month.
  4. Click on the “Add Event” link for the date in question. You will see a data entry web page with 3 tabs: “General”, “Location”, and “Advanced”.
  5. Choose the appropriate Event Type:
    1. Rooms & Resources needed or
    2. Rooms & Resources not needed
  6. Fill in the appropriate information and click on the “Save” button.
  7. From the “Publish” tab add the event to both the “Public” and “Church-wide” calendars.
  8. Check the Calendar Page (refresh it if necessary) to make sure your event shows up. If it doesn’t you may have forgotten to add it to the “Public” and “Church-wide” calendars (Step 7. above), or the administrators may not yet have had time to respond to your request.

Once you’ve made your update it should appear in our public calendar on our Calendar Page.

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