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These are notes for our Sunday November 21, 2021 Sermon!

Be a Witness For Jesus: Tell Everyone What You’ve Seen and Heard – Part 3
Rocklyn Clarke – Sunday November 21, 2021
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Sermon Podcast Page (includes links to audio, handout, and slides) – will be available after sermon has been uploaded.

Series Passage: Acts 21:37-22:29
Sermon Passage: Acts 22:1-21

Life Group Meeting

Without life groups, we are at the mercy of cliques and people who aren’t in a clique will “fall through the cracks”. Furthermore, even the people who are in cliques will have some of their issues and needs “fall through the cracks”. This is because life groups are organized to please, and be led by the Holy Spirit, whereas cliques develop solely around whatever the people in the cliques find appealing. Life groups are organized to help you grow and overcome your “issues”; cliques simply aren’t!

Check out our Life Group Pages for more life group information and resources.
No pressure! Let’s start getting familiar with this meeting format:

Embrace a Witnessing Community

Five Thresholds


Your Testimony

Discussion Questions

For each question, spend 1 – 2 minutes in silence before you begin to respond.

  1. Describe one of the following:
    • An experience when you led someone to follow Christ. Did they last?
    • How you feel about the prospect of leading someone to Christ.
  2. Sharing your testimony will lead to people following Jesus. That, in turn, will lead to new people joining our life groups and congregation. This means change! How do you feel about that? How much change are you comfortable with?
  3. Practice sharing your testimonies with one another.
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