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If you’d like to visit one of our life groups you can use our find a life group link to look up a group online. At Life Church we support different types of life groups and their meeting materials and meeting formats vary. Our most common type of life group, the holistic life group, uses the material and the meeting format below:

Life Group Material

Some life groups (especially holistic ones) will want to use material from our Sunday sermons as the basis for their discussion of the Word during their weekly meetings. For the convenience of our members we usually include discussion material with the notes for our sermons. You can read the sermon notes and discussion material (as well as listen to the sermons) at the following link:

Sunday Life Page (Life Church sermons)

Not all life groups will choose to use this material, but it’s there if you need it.

Life Group Meeting Format (for holistic life groups)

Welcome – 15 minutes
Spend about 15 minutes in casual conversation and/or an ice breaker activitythat helps people relax and join in. Remember to start the welcome part of the meeting on time — you don’t have to wait for everyone to arrive. Please also end the welcome part of the meeting on time — you can move on to worship even if everyone hasn’t arrived yet!
You can find ice breakers on our Ice Breaker Page.
Worship – 20 minutes
Spend about 20 minutes giving God well deserved praise.
Word – 40 minutes
Work together on personally applying scripture to your lives. Your life group leaders may use the sample discussion questions above for this or they may take a different approach. Spend about 40 minutes — leave enough time for the “Witnessing” section!
Witnessing – 15 minutes
Select something from the Witnessing Activities section below. Spend about 15 minutes — end on time!

Please note that your life group meeting faciliator may switch around the order of the “4 W’s” every now and then.


(1/12/2011 – updated to reflect our revised vision, mission, and core values)

(6/8/2013 – further revised to reflect inclusion of discussion material in sermon notes)

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