Epiphany Transition: February 5, 2017


Last Updated on by Pastor Eva

Life Church will relocate to the Epiphany School on Sunday February 5, 2017!

Our Sunday Services will be held at the Epiphany School, located at 154 Centre Street in Dorchester.

Why are we relocating Sunday Services?

Here are two key reasons:

  • We lost the access to the conference room at the Hampton Inn that we used for children’s church as of January 1, 2017.
  • We need a space that is more affordable, can accommodate and expand children’s church, and provides opportunities for outreach and evangelism.

What time and where in the building will Sunday services be held?

10:30 – 11:45 am – in a classroom on the first floor.

What about children’s church?

There is room for children’s church on Sunday mornings in the art room and the student reflection center.

When will we make the move to The Epiphany School?

We will begin meeting at The Epiphany School on February 5th.

Can I drive or take the T to the Epiphany School?

Yes, the Epiphany School is located directly next to the Shawmut T Station on the Red Line.  There is also parking available in a parking lot outside the school and limited parking on surrounding streets.

What about outreach?

We will schedule outreach activities from time to time on Sunday afternoons.  Stay tuned!

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