Sunday Meetings


(Visit the Directions page for location).

10:00 AM Informal Fellowship/Conversation; Equipment Setup
10:30 AM Worship
11:00 AM Message/Bible Teaching (except on 1st Sundays – see below)
12:00 Noon Meeting Wrapup; Fellowship/Conversation; Breakdown and Cleanup
12:30 PM Hang Out or Go Home – Your choice!

Our Sunday meetings are when we come together to offer God the worship that he deserves and to hear from God about what we are to do.

First Sundays – Questions & Answers, Prayer, Testimonies

On the first Sunday of every month we have worship as usual, but instead of a formal Bible message we offer 1 of 3 different activities on a rotating basis:

  • Prayer (January, April, July, October)
    We divide up into groups and give our members and visitors a chance to pray with each others about needs and concerns in their lives.
  • Testimonies (February, May, August, November)
    We give our members and visitors a change to share with one another about what God is doing in their lives.
  • Questions and Answers (March, June, September, December)
    We give our members and visitors a chance to ask questions about the Bible, ministry, or Life Church.

Children’s Church (10:30 AM)

Children get to share in the worship with the adults before going to their own church service where they have fun while learning about God.

What To Expect When You Visit

Here’s what to expect when you visit us!

Meeting Cancellation Information

There is no cancellation information at this time.

Meeting Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately there are times when it necessary for us to cancel our Sunday meeting. If we are able to determine in advance that the meeting will be cancelled, we will post the information in the following ways:

  • On this web site
  • By email to the Connect List
  • The voicemail greeting on our church office phone: 617-541-5433 (617-541-LIFE)

Our policy is to post any meeting cancellation information by 7 A.M. on Sunday morning.

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