Following Jesus: Acknowledgements


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I’ve set aside this space to acknowledge those who have played the most significant role in my becoming a Christian and in my subsequent development in Christian ministry. God used them to set me on the path that led to the development of this discipleship material:

Davey & Goliath
This Christian, clay-animated television series shaped my initial understanding of God and Jesus during the first 6 years of my life.

Renée Okoye
My sister Renée was the first person to explain to me the importance of making a decision to follow Christ.

Michael W. Harrison
Michael was a classmate at MIT who faithfully represented Jesus to me in his words and actions. He became my best friend and was my best man at my wedding.

Bishop B. Courtney McBath
Courtney, who came to MIT the year after I did, also faithfully represented Jesus to me in his words and actions. He helped to officiate at my wedding.

Bishop Gideon Thompson
I began attending Bishop Thompson’s church shortly I became a Christian. At our first meeting he answered one of my questions and thereafter he provided safe space for me to ask questions. He opened both his study and his life to me and mentored me. God used him to lay my foundation in the Bible and in Christian ministry.

Karen Cummings
Karen invited me to lead an intercollegiate Bible study – my first ministry leadership opportunity. Later, she invited me to speak to the Bible study that she led at Wellesley College and gave me a speaker’s fee.

Eva L. Clarke
Eva, my wife and best friend, has stood beside me and supported me throughout my ministry career while also raising our children. She is an incredible gift to me.

Louis Froston
Lou Froston, a deacon at Jubilee Christian Church, is an electrician who did some work for us in 2019 – 2020. While working on our home he frequently discussed Jesus and the Kingdom of God with one or more of his apprentices. When I would join in the conversations from time to time Lou encouraged me to start a Bible study. Although I frequently offered to support him in leadings  Bible study instead, Lou persisted and he finally wore me down. In February 19, 2020 I launched what became Men’s Discipleship Bible Study and it was this Bible study that prompted me to develop this discipleship material.

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