2020 Men’s Bible Study


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Description and Purpose

This web page supports the weekly discipleship-oriented men’s Bible study that Life Church launched in February 2020. It contains both general resources for the Men’s Bible Study and resources specific to the sessions we have conducted so far.


See the Following Jesus class goals.

The Bible

Doing the Bible is the first of our Core Values at Life Church and in order to do the Bible we have to learn the Bible. This section contains some Bible resources and some links to supplemental information about the Bible.

See the Following Jesus: Focus On The Message class Bible section.

Lists (for your convenience)

See the Following Jesus class Lists section.


See the Following Jesus class Discipleship section.


This section will include notes and resources related to individual Bible study sessions. Check back here for ongoing updates.

Session 1 – 2/19/2020

Here are the notes: February 19, 2020 Notes

We spent much of our time laying a foundation for the way we would be approaching the Bible. We referenced the following resources:

Session 2 – 2/26/2020

Session 3 – 3/4/2020

Session 4 – 3/11/2020

Session 5 – 3/18/2020

Session 6 – 3/25/2020

Session 7 – 4/1/2020

Session 8 – 4/8/2020

Session 9 – 4/15/2020

Session 10 – 4/22/2020

Session 11 – 4/29/2020


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